5 Ways To Get A Hold Of Your Time And Be Successful As A Real Estate Professional

Are you among the real estate professionals who is being preoccupied with so many things you want to do? Are you handcuffed between the time you need to switch duties as a family person and as a professional? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, feel free to benefit from these five tips that will let you hold a master-key to your own time.

Do not always make yourself available. One of the most common faults of real estate professionals is to always make himself available to almost everyone who drops messages to his email, calls his phone, sends text messages, and so on. While it is fulfilling to serve customers even in the simplest way of answering common questions,you don’t have to feel sorry either for not being able to respond to each and every query.
Learn how to say no. Saying no is not a weakness. It is a strength that everybody needs to enhance. Saying no is very powerful manifestation that you have actually differentiated which among the things before you needs more prioritization.
Utilize your weekends to achieve a balanced family life. Admit it or not, you are working very hard in the industry because you want to give the best to your family. There are tendencies of forgetting important family events because you become preoccupied with work-related things. The most successful professionals have actually balanced family and professional lives. Weekdays are commonly intended for work while the weekends are for family gatherings and events. Why not try cooking a meal for your family during a Saturday? In between, you may have some opportunities to write a simple blog entry, which again may be related to the industry or a simple story telling about how your weekend has gone.
Separate yourself from influences that are conflicting with your positivity. No matter how positive-thinking you are, there are still persons who will drive you towards the negative end. These persons always negate your good vibes. They interpret your goals as too ambitious and impossible to attain. These persons are not only pulling you down the ladder. They also have the tendency to drown you in a pool of negative thoughts and feelings which in the end you will be left alone to think of ways on how to pull yourself up.
Become as healthy as you can. Be it physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual – you have to stay as healthy as you can. To be healthy will give you a lot of time to do tasks which are relevant to fulfilling your dreams as a real estate professional. When you are healthy, you also have much time to dedicate to work and to your family. You can even find free time to indulge in other worthwhile activities that will nurture your personality as a professional person.

Before You Buy, Your First Home

Real estate is one of our oldest industries, because as long, as someone owns, something of value, there will be conditions, at some point, or another, which bring him, to consider selling it! Every individual, who buys any house, at some point must proceed, to purchase his first home, and doing so, for the first time, has certain specific challenges, and obstacles, involved, as compared to when, someone buys their second, third, etc. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some smart considerations, when one is ready, to purchase his first home, of his own.

1. Why are you buying, versus renting, etc?: Begin with an introspective, objective, review, of why, you want to own a home, rather than continue, your present living arrangements. How has your life experiences, and/ or expectations, led you, to this decision? Have you considered the responsibilities, and obligations of owning, in terms of financial, maintenance/ repair/ renovations, and how, you might feel about doing so? How will owning, better serve your needs, and expectations, etc, than renting, etc?

2. Financial considerations/ preparation: Are you prepared for owning a home, of your own? Have you looked, at your finances, and consulted, a mortgage professional, to consider your qualifications, and ability to obtain the loan, most need, and require? In terms of finances, you must closely consider, and examine, if you have the funds, for the down – payment, as well as all the needed reserves, etc. Some of the reserves, must include: Reserve fund, for contingencies, in case you have some change in work status (recommend 6 – 9 months reserves); funds for immediate repairs, renovations, upgrades, including painting, flooring, etc; appliance reserve (for upgrading/ replacing appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers. freezers, cooking appliance, etc; future renovations; future repairs; upgrades; and major needs, etc. Homeowners, who prepare for contingencies, discover, owning is far more relaxing, and less stressful, than those who fail to be ready!

3. Know your needs: Smart buyers know, and fully consider, their needs, now, and into the future! Are you buying this house, for the longer – term, or focusing on it, as a starter – home? If it’s the latter, then, it might be simpler, to consider, because there are fewer variables! Those looking, longer – term, must evaluate, whether they might be well – served, and whether there is a potential, for adapting the specific house, on this property, for future needs!

4. Location: It’s possible to change many things about a specific house, and property, but, you can’t change its location! Before buying, walk around the neighborhood, and area, see if it meets your needs, and priorities, in terms of schools, conveniences, shopping, transportation, safety, etc.

These are just, four, of the considerations, before purchasing your first house. Those who consider things, thoroughly, consistently, are happier, and better served, with home ownership!

A New Property Development Model Is Challenging The Big End of Town

Property Development – Changing the Funding Model

The Australian property market is a potential ticking time-bomb with residential investors increasingly focused on the capital appreciation for returns, whilst commercial property transactions has actively pursued yield based investments over the past 12-18 months. The property market seems buoyed by large interest from offshore investment and local cashed-up investors and developers. The short to medium term outlook for interest rates appears to be positive, but longer term there is an expectation of rising rates – tightening interest rates from banks are coming into play and access to development finance isn’t as rosy as it once was.

The restrictions on institutional lending will become a growing issue as the major banks need to reduce exposure to property leading and markets. The market is also adjusting to tightening on foreign buyers and global policy changes happening around the movement of capital outflows such as China. According to Knight Frank Chinese-backed developer’s bought 38% of Australian residential development sites in 2016.

Developers/Builders – The Challenge

Developers appreciate there are still significant opportunity in the market but the challenge now sits in accessing capital and potentially looking at non-bank capital sources. Key aspects will be to consider development design, building services and fabric costs. Stripping back development costs to these numbers can demonstrate opportunity to extend funding budget and potentially look at specialist funding sources.

The cost of funding might rise on the debt side, but if investor equity is costly, the increase LVRs available with private funders might provide net decreases in the overall cost of capital. The ability to access this funding without pre-sale quotas make it a desirable option for smaller developers.

Typically buildings are being designed and built to minimum code removing the costs of all the bells and whistles to maximise builder & developer profit. Less consideration and emphasis is placed on the new development’s ongoing operation and liabilities.

The New Model

What if we could put in all these additional extras to create a better performing asset with lower operational costs, but not have to increase the capital budget – in-fact decrease our capital cost by accessing Green Structured Finance (GSF), long-term funding available, subsidised by specialist product funding. This new loan/debt will be serviced by the operational savings made by the improved technology and products.

As an example, a developer is building and owning a mixed use site for $50m. We consider the design and energy consuming technologies for the site (ie lighting, solar, metering/embedded network, thermal insulation, glazing performance, energy efficient white-goods, hot water, HVAC).

SFG assess the ongoing lifecycle cost of these technologies. We then create a package outlining which products have an attractive return on investment based off the predicted energy costs. For this example $5m is taken out of the capital cost of the project for the improved package. This will reduce the developers Capex and Opex, improving cashflow and returning profit. This reduction of $5M or 10% is able to used on other projects or contribute to improving the project LVR and financial make-up.

Green Structured Finance from Sustainable Future Group is a new approach to a tightening development financing market, designed to optimise financial and development performance. We specialise in pulling together projects crossing the boundaries of Financial, Design, Advice and Delivery. Contact us to see how we can help improve your development.

Is Owning Rental Property, For You?

For some individuals, owning, and operating, rental, real estate properties, is a great idea, while, for others, this might not be the case! The difference, not only applies, to the specific property, but, also, each individual’s personality, attitude, and personal, specific strengths and weaknesses. Some factors include, of, course, financial ones, including the necessary reserves, needed, for purchasing a property, starting with the down – payment, closing costs, reserves for repairs, upgrades, renovations, and contingencies. In addition, some individuals are better – suited, for, owning rental property, than others, because some, do not want, the stresses, and tensions, involved, in this type of commitment. With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, review, and discuss, a few of the key factors and considerations, one should thoroughly explore, in – depth, prior to taking the leap.

1. Personal financials: Do you have the necessary funds, and will you qualify, for whatever financing, might be required? Obtaining a mortgage on a non – owner – occupied property, is significantly different from the process, regarding, one for a personal home. In most cases, a larger down – payment is required (often 25% – down, instead of 20%). In addition, the requirements differ, because not only, must you clearly demonstrate, the same things, you do, for a personal loan, you must also demonstrate, the property is viable, from a financial standpoint, and the rents, will handle the cash flow. It’s important, to have, several reserves, including: a) repairs; b) renovations; c) upgrades; unanticipated contingencies, etc.

2. Property financial issues: I am a believer in the 6% – rule, which means, the net return, should be 6%. For example, one factor is the cash flow, while the other is the overall rate of return, or return – on – investment/ ROI. Therefore, if you purchase a $500,000 property, put $125, 000 down, and have a $375, 000 mortgage loan, and the rate is 5%, your principal and interest, on a 30 – year, fixed – rate vehicle, will be approximately $2,000 per month. If the real estate taxes, and other escrow items, including insurance, etc, are, for example, $12, 000 per year, or $1, 000 per month, your total, out – of – pocket, each month, is approximately, $3, 000. If you estimate, upgrades, repairs, etc, are another $12, 000 per year ($1, 000/ month), you should use this $4, 000 per month, figure, for your preliminary calculations. In addition, base you revenues, on having each unit, unoccupied/ vacant, 2 months per year, to proceed conservatively. This means, you should collect a rent – roll, total, from all units, of at least, $4250 per month. In addition, you should be ensured, your net income, must generate approximately $32,000 per year.

3. Dealing with maintenance issues: Are you comfortable with these challenges and responsibilities?

4. Dealing with tenants: Are you ready, willing and able, to deal with tenants, and collect rents, enforce leases, meet the needs of a tenant, and the personality issues, involved?

5. Opportunity costs: How does the owning of these properties (remember to factor in appreciation, depreciation – benefits, and net income, compare with how, you might do, with other investment vehicles?

Is owning rental properties, suitable for you? Consider the advantages and obstacles, and proceed wisely.

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